About Us


David Roe started the Burbank training and boarding facility initially to support his passion: rescuing dogs from shelters. Over the past nearly 20 years, David has saved the lives of thousands of dogs. Many of these dogs have suffered immense trauma and with that, emotional and behavioral problems. David realized that just placing them into homes wasn’t keeping them in the homes. So, he enlisted one of the top dog trainers of the country to learn. The results were astonishing and his efforts paid off: Pacific Coast Dog Rescue, founded in 1998, doesn’t just place the most difficult dogs into their forever homes but trains them before-hand, so that they stay in their homes for a life-time.

Later, Pacific Coast Dog Rescue became so big that David decided to use his skills. He decided to help people who had dogs with behavioral problems, people who had almost given up on their dogs and saw the shelter as the last option. And of course, to help owners who simply wanted a well-trained and behaved dog and who wanted their dog to be safe and happy, while they are at work during the day or vacation. And so, Blue Dog Ranch boarding and training was born.


While the members have “titles”, we really are a team effort. All of our team members are trained in many aspects of handing and caring for dogs. With varying backgrounds and previous experience in veterinary science, exotic animals, boarding, dog training and handling experience, we are proud to house a truly excellent and qualified staff.

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