Aggressive Behavior

If your dog growls, snaps, bites or displays the type of aggressive behavior, it is a serious problem and it will not go away on its own. Resource guarding is a very common form of aggression in dogs. Because we train your dog in your home, we can design exactly the right program to help with resource guarding and other dog aggression, dog training and dog behavior problems.

Our aggression intervention programs use modern, effective desensitization and counter-conditioning techniques that are fast and effective.

Aggression is a self-reinforcing behavior in dogs. Every time a dog bites someone, it becomes more likely that the dog will bite again. Left untreated, both the frequency and the intensity of the attacks will increase. The dog will not “grow out of it.” Dog aggression will not go away on its own, and it cannot be “punished” out of the dog. In fact, punishment can make aggression much worse.

We can help rehabilitate your dog using classical and operant conditioning protocols that work in harmony with your dog’s natural drives, to help get the fastest possible results.

If your dog is aggressive toward humans or other dogs, we have programs that can help.

Meanwhile, here are a few simple steps you can take:

Don’t make excuses for the behavior. It is often useful to study the “ABCs” of aggression (Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence), but this does not mean that one can excuse or accept the behavior.

Safety first! Provide close supervision of the dog at all times, especially around children.

No physical punishment.

Require that the dog defer to you for everything it wants – food, toys, going outside, etc.

Ignore all demands for attention made by your dog. Dogs should be given lots of love and affection, but they should never be permitted to demand play, petting, toys or attention.

Avoid situations that have triggered previous attacks.

Do not tie the dog outside for extended periods of time.

No rough play, chase, keep away or other inappropriate games.

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