House training is not “automatic.” It is a process that the owner must follow step-by-step. Done right, it can be accomplished in a very short period of time. Done wrong, your puppy can grow into an adult dog with chronic house training problems.

But even for adult dogs with chronic house training problems, the success rate using our dog housebreaking method is very high.

Keep in mind that dogs do not go to the bathroom in the house because of anger, spite, jealousy, boredom or mischief. Except in rare cases of illness or separation anxiety* dogs go to the bathroom in the house for one reason – they have never been properly housetrained by the owner.

Here are some common mistakes that owners make during early housebreaking attempts that can make the problem worse:

  • The use of puppy pads inside the home
  • Too much freedom too soon
  • Feeding low quality dog food and/or feeding table scraps
  • Punishment after the fact
  •  Using the wrong cleaners to clean up the accidents
  • Inconsistency by family members

But even if the above mistakes have been made, ANY DOG CAN BE HOUSE TRAINED!

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