Dog Training Programs

Darian Campbell gets dozens of training calls every day from owners that experience behavioral problems with their dogs. Although sometimes he’s able to give sufficient advice over the phone, not every issue can be solved like that. One of the first steps is for Darian to assess the situation and then begin to help. It’s never too early or too late to train your dog and Blue Dog Ranch Training Center offers a range of dog training programs, from group lessons, on-site lessons, and private in-home lessons to our 3 week live-in program.


On-Site lessons at our facility are designed to help owners and their dogs to change behaviors such as pulling on the leash, leash aggression with other animals or people, jumping on people on the street, not coming back when called, etc.

On-Site lessons can be effective for behavior that occur out of the home but because dogs don’t generalize well, the relationship between owner and dog must be stable in the home first, in order to achieve maximum success outside of the home. Therefore, we generally recommend achieving solid results in the home before venturing out in public.


In-Home dog training lessons are often more effective than group lessons or on-site lessons, as there are no additional distractions such as other dogs, people, noises etc.

When dogs first learn to change behaviors, distractions can make this process more difficult and lengthy. During an in-home lesson, Darian Campbell doesn’t only teach the dog, he also helps the owners. In-Home lessons can often solve the problem with one to three sessions at about 1.5 hours but many owners are so intrigued with the training, that they decide to send their dogs to Darian’s 3-week live-in program.


During the 3-week or 21-day, live-in program, your dog will stay in Darian’s home and be trained every day of the week.

You dog will learn:

  • House training and crate training
  • A solid sit-stay
  • A solid down-stay
  • Coming when called
  • Proper leash-walking
  • The stationing mat exercise also known as “doggie meditation” to teach your dog to focus and be calm
  • Individual problem solving such as separation anxiety, fear, human and/or dog aggression, biting, barking, submissive urination and much more

During the program, you will be invited to a lesson at our facility, receive an In-Home lesson and delivery of the dog to your home once the program is finished. You’ll also get a personalized training video of your dog, with Darian explaining every step of the dog training.


Group Lessons, just as on-site lessons will be able to solve general problems but will also help to socialize your dog properly with other dogs.

Contrary to many people’s belief, dog parks, dog beaches and many doggie daycares are not designed to help your dog develop great social skills around other dogs. Many unwanted behaviors and aggression are learned in these situations. Therefore, it is important to give your dog an opportunity to meet and greet other dogs in a controlled, positive environment. Proper dog socialization consists of dogs practicing dog training exercises together i.e. “working together” and then receiving appropriate playtime.


Darian Campbell’s dog training methods are based on Learning Theory. This is a model of psychology that explains human and animal responses through the constructive concept of learning.

True Dog Behaviorists (veterinarians with 2 additional years of schooling) use this psychology based approach to teach and work towards modifying and managing the behavior of particular dogs with emphasis on problems such as fears, timidity, aggression, separation anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders (such as self-mutilation, excessive water consumption, barking etc.) and phobias. Darian Campbell discusses these behaviors and offers solutions in his seminars.


Dogs must have current records of the following vaccinations:

  • DHLPP within the last year
  • Bordetella within the last year (every 6 months is not necessary)
  • Rabies within the last year
  • Spay/neuter certificate


Dog Training In Darian’s Home: $125/day includes personalized training video of your dog
Private Lessons: $175 per lesson (1.5 hours)
21-Day Live-In Program: $4950 includes a personalized training video of your dog

While Darian’s clientele list contains many celebrities, and high profile people, a majority of his customers are simply kind hearted people who find themselves in less than perfect situations with their furry family members.  Either way, people are looking for a way to better the situation and relationship between them and their dog.  Read one article of an actor mentioning Darian in the Pet Press!

Looking for Boarding?

We offer dedicated services for boarding. Our unique facilities and excellent staff will provide your dog with a great experience whether its for the day or overnight.


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